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How to use technology to support your wellbeing?

For many, imagining ‘the future’ always seemed to include flying cars, a life on Mars, and pocket sized computers where you can speak to anyone, anywhere in less than a second. Although cars can’t fly […]

Mini Mindfulness Minutes

Today’s society often celebrates leading a busy lifestyle, creating the perception that you are more ‘successful, hardworking and popular.’ Going from back-to-back work calls, social events, deadlines, family time, running here there and everywhere – you […]

Human Connection 

Since the beginning of time, humans have thrived on the connection with others. Although hunting for food in tribes is no longer part of our daily routine, the need for connection, unity and community remains a vital part in our survival.  Our […]

Importance of Staying Connected

Humans are social by nature, not only do we crave interaction, but we actually require connections and to feel a sense of belonging in order to exist. This can be from friends and family, colleagues, neighbours, even […]

Social Wellbeing

As well as our physical and mental wellbeing, social wellbeing is an integral part of our overall health. Humans, as a species, are social by nature – we not only crave interactions but we actually […]