About Kaido

Kaido are a team of Health Scientists and Data Scientists on a very simple mission:

“To empower people, like you, to take better control of your health”

At present when trying to take a pro-active approach to their healthcare, patients have two options:

  1. Visit your GP
  2. Look Online

The NHS is a fantastic service, one that we in the UK are incredibly fortunate to have. But it is fantastic at ‘sick care.’ Treating individuals once they become ill, and unfortunately does not have the time or resource to advise patients pro-actively.

On the other hand, Google, or the App stores are fantastic free resources, but it is extremely hard to navigate through the millions of resources to find one that you can trust and importantly is personable to you.

At Kaido we see an opportunity to change this.. A dramatic rise in the number of wearable devices, health apps and smartphone usage has seen us create an exponential amount of health data in the last two years. This data is extremely valuable but is not currently being utilised effectively.

At Kaido it is our aim to turn patient generated health data into intelligent and actionable insights.

This starts with Kaido Wellbeing, a fun, inclusive health and wellness challenge for employees of Kaido’s business clients.

We hope you enjoy it!