There are many types of mediation, and a body scan meditation is a simple one which can be done anywhere. Taking notice of different body parts, and releasing tension through focus and breathing is all you have to do! Body Scan meditations can be a great way to manage physical and emotional responses such as anxiety and stress.

If you are following along on the Kaido challenge, then you may have already learnt the techniques behind a body scan but here’s a short refresher and a guided body scan meditation for you to try:

A Body Scan meditation is a great way to release some of this daily tension that you might not realise that you are holding.

Starting at your feet, you mentally scan each body part in sequence up to your head, bringing your attention to every ache, pain, or discomfort as you go. The goal is not to relieve the pain completely, but to get to know where and what body part is affected so that you can learn to release and manage it.

Example for you to try:

The Benefits of a Body Scan
Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Body Scan meditation can get rid of all the unwanted tension and anxiety that you probably don’t even realise you’re holding. Once these areas are identified, you may be able to release the sensations and improve your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Improve self-awareness

Studies have shown that self-awareness, or the ability to note your thoughts and feelings without judgment, may increase your overall well-being, possibly even helping you make better decisions.


If only we could box up that feeling when we’re on holiday or at a spa having a massage, when you feel so relaxed you could just melt. Body Scan meditations can give the same affect of a holiday or spa day, but an added bonus is that it’s free!

Improve sleep quality

We’ve all been told that sleep is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing, which makes it even more frustrating when we just can’t get to sleep! Practising regular body scan meditations may help release the tension or release the feelings of anxiety which might be keeping you awake.

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