There are two types of people first thing in the morning: the one that wakes up to the sound of their alarm and is ready to go, or the one that hits snooze, groans, and uses every bit of energy to get out of bed. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl most of us don’t actually follow a morning routine that supports our wellbeing and gears us up for the day ahead.

Before the day begins, you may find yourself: scrolling on your phone, rushing to pack your work bag, quickly eating breakfast, all whilst making yourself look somewhat presentable. When our days begin like this, we’re actually setting our body and mind up to be reactive, rather than positively preparing ourselves for the day.

A key part of creating a more effective ‘morning routine’ is acknowledging that you deserve to take time for yourself before you give your time to anyone/anything else. Finding the ‘right’ way to start the day will look different to everyone. Take time to try different things out and create a morning routine that feels best for you!

Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Read a few pages of your favourite book or perhaps an inspirational, uplifting wellbeing book, instead of getting immersed in reading the news first thing.


Julia Cameron’s morning pages is a great way to start your day. Before you do anything else, write a couple of pages of anything and everything that comes into your mind!


It might sound simple and it is. Taking a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times, can be a great way to release stress and anxiety.

Screen Limit

Go ‘old school’ and get yourself an alarm clock to avoid picking up your phone first thing! Can you go the extra mile and limit your phone screen time?


Perhaps you’re a hugger and giving a loved one or your pet a hug in the morning may help set off your day in a positive way. Or, on your commute to work, smile at a stranger or send a message to someone you’ve not spoken to in a while.

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