Life is busy, work is busy, the last thing you want to do is tidy up! Leaving that pile of clothes on the chair until it gets almost as tall as the ceiling, saving the dishes for tomorrow and then the next day and then the next day, having that many work documents that you can barely make out where your desk is… creating a mess is an easy task!

Clutter in personal spaces, leads to chaos in you life – your mind begins to mimic the physical space around you. Not only do studies show living in a messy environment leads to a higher risk of anxiety and stress, but also it makes you more susceptible to catching colds and flus… so it’s time to get the bin bags and rubber gloves out!

Zen Your Sleep Space

Getting into bed at the end of the day, is the best feeling. It’s even better when you have fresh sheets and an organised space around you, perhaps a candle lit too. Make your bedroom your very own sanctuary – even if that means putting the mess in another room! Having a calming, clear bedroom can improve your sleep and can help you switch off at the end of a long day.

Productive Paradise

You could save an extra 10 minutes in the morning if you make sure your desk is tidy and organised before you start work. Having a nice pen pot, a filing system, and a home for those throw away notes will allow your work day to be more productive – saving time for those need to do jobs, rather than wasting time looking for your glasses before your next call!

Minimalist Mindset

Eliminate time trying to find things, by eliminating things you don’t actually need! Living in a simple, easy home with only things you actually need and use is a great way to reduce the clutter in your home and in your head too.

Mrs Hinch it

There are some random ways to claim fame in the 21st century, and being an influencer who cleans is one of them! Mrs Hinch dedicates her social media to cleaning and organising, or as she likes to call it ‘Hinch it’! Following cleaning accounts can motivate you to start tidying and cleaning, all whilst making sure you know that it’s completely normal and ok to have a messy house!

Tidying up is a bit like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. There are ways in which you can make it more ‘enjoyable’ and perhaps even part of your self-care routine:

  • Listen to music (and sing!)
  • Listen to a podcast or the radio
  • Scrub away with a friend
  • Wear a Fitbit and see how many calories you burn
  • Buy brand new cleaning utensils
  • Do it on a sunny day with the windows and doors open
  • Plan your reward(s)!

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