This month is the annual Movember movement across the world, an opportunity to raise awareness and tackle the issue of men’s health. Movember is the leading charity taking action and tackling men’s health, addressing some […]

Yoga and Back Pain

Yoga is an ancient practise that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing techniques, exercise, meditation and poses, and is designed to encourage relaxation. Practising yoga can have many positive benefits both mentally and […]

Staying active this winter

Winter is nearly upon us!! It is that time of the year where we want to stay inside and snuggle up in the warmth by the fire, eat lots of food and do less activity […]

Yoga for everyone

When we think of “yoga” many people often think of tropical retreats, the smell of burning incense and young women in colourful leggings. While this is the reality for a handful of people, yoga has […]

It’s the little things….

Making changes to your lifestyle does not need to be complex and radical. In fact, it is the small changes that we make to our lifestyle that can have the biggest impact on our health, […]

How tracking activity can boost motivation

Dr Falko Sniehotta, a psychologist at Aberdeen University says “Knowing what is good for you and wanting to do it, is alone, not sufficient to make sustainable behaviour changes.” There is often a substantial gap […]

Go Sober this October

Go Sober for October encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. By signing up to the challenge you’re doing something amazing for people with […]

Healthy Food Swaps

A misconception is that healthy eating is boring, bland, hard, involves salad and the need to be on a diet! However, a healthier lifestyle starts with small manageable changes over time that become part of […]

The Kaido Recipe Hub

The Kaido Recipe Hub is an online recipe book of delicious, healthy, easy to make recipes created by members of the Kaido Nutrition team. From sweet and savoury snacks, to vegetarian and meat dishes, you […]

5 in 5 Session 2 – Beginner

  The 5 in 5 is a great way to increase your heart rate, whilst also strengthening important muscles within your body and working on your flexibility. This Session is designed for the Beginner: Someone […]