The 5 in 5 is a great way to increase your heart rate, whilst also strengthening important muscles within your body and working on your flexibility.

This Session is designed for the Beginner: Someone with limited or no gym experience and who is looking for some simple bodyweight exercises they can do from home.

Here is how it works:

  • Every minute you will change the exercise you are completing until you have done 5 exercises in 5 minutes.
  • During each minute you will perform the exercise continuously for 20seconds and then rest for the remaining 40 seconds of the minute before going into the next exercise.
  • If the exercise is Single Leg (SL) make sure you change legs half way through.
  • Complete 4 sets of the 5 in 5 for a 20minute workout.
  • If the session is too easy try increasing the ‘work’ period and shortening the ‘rest’ period or completing another set.
  • Likewise if the session is too hard, shorten the ‘work’ period and increase the ‘rest’ period or reduce the number of sets.


Best of luck!

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