Resistance Exercise is fantastic for your body. From increased muscle and bone strength, to reduced risk of back pain, and improved posture, the benefits are clear.

However many of us do not participate in regular resistance training due to a perceived lack of time, equipment or understanding about what to do.

The 5 in 5 is a revolutionary concept credited to British Strength and Conditioning Coach Kelvin Giles, initially to help school children to develop fundamental movement patterns critical to their every day life.

The 5 in 5 is a simple concept: You complete 5 different compound exercises in 5 minutes designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. There is no need for equipment and all the exercises in the Kaido Wellbeing series can be completed at home or even at work!

We have put together 2, 5 in 5 Workout Sessions for you to try.  There are three levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, depending on your past experience and fitness level.

We have provided a simple exercise tutorial video to explain how to perform the exercises and the work: rest periods you should try and achieve.

Before starting any resistance exercise it is important that you Warm Up and Stretch the body.

Each session should take you no longer than 20minutes to complete, and leave you feeling strong and invigorated. Why not do a 5 in 5 session with the family over the weekend and see how you all get on?

Best of luck!


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