The 5 in 5 is a great way to increase your heart rate, whilst also strengthening important muscles within your body and working on your flexibility.

This Session is designed for individuals with some resistance training experience, who are familiar with bodyweight exercises and looking for a moderate challenge.

Here is how it works:

  • Every minute you will change the exercise you are completing until you have done 5 exercises in 5 minutes.
  • During each minute you will perform the exercise continuously for 30seconds and then rest for the remaining 30 seconds of the minute before going into the next exercise.
  • Complete 4 sets of the 5 in 5 for a 20minute workout.
  • If the session is too easy try increasing the ‘work’ period and shortening the ‘rest’ period or completing another set.
  • Likewise if the session is too hard, shorten the ‘work’ period and increase the ‘rest’ period or reduce the number of sets.


Best of luck!

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